Clinical Ophthalmology

High class clinical ophthalmic services delivered in a professional, clear and concise manner

Surgical Ophthalmology

Cataract surgery to restore your vision.

Squint surgery to straighten your eyes

Clinical Ophthalmology

I pride myself on giving the best-possible ophthalmic care delivered in a calm, clear and professional manner.

They are your eyes, not mine, and I firmly believe a fully informed patient is a much happier patient.


Surgical Ophthalmology

Cataract surgery is life-changing.

A quick, painless procedure can restore your vision to levels you will not be able to believe.


Squint surgery is much more than a cosmetic procedure.

Misaligned eyes are a constant source of embarrassment and effects patients' psychology greatly. My research has detailed the positive improvements that patients' gain for squint surgery. Do not believe people telling you that "there is nothing that can be done".

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